Stop Physician Burnout - The Book

Stop Physician Burnout - The Book

Lower Your Stress Levels, Build More Life Balance and a More Ideal Practice with the first Reference Text to Burnout Prevention for the Practicing Physician
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Take Your Practice Back - Take Your LIFE Back
With the Tools Inside “Stop Physician Burnout

In over 2000 hours of one-on-one coaching to physicians, we discovered a core group of tools to lower stress and create more life balance … simple changes that will give you immediate results. We packed them all into “Stop Physician Burnout“.

This is everything you should have learned in residency about preventing burnout, but somehow didn’t make it on the curriculum. All the tools inside the book have been tested across hundreds of physicians in all specialties. They will work for you no matter what your situation.

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Know This: You Can be a Doctor, Enjoy Your Practice AND Have a Life. Now it’s Your Turn 

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